Reid has the talent and ability to coach a team to a Lombardi… But he just can’t/couldn’t get out of his own way… Andy Reid is on the hot seat and here are a few more tidbits on why he should be fired.

All of his “cute” moves that in my opinion, kept us from winning a Super Bowl, may have finally caught up with him.

The Heavy emphasis on the passing attack while going for bargain basement players at the wide receiver position. The “Fastballs” at Linebacker (backups on any other team, undersized LB’s that are more suited for special teams)… , Trading with division rivals and making the division tougher to get through…. playing defensive tackles at the full back position… Plugging in whomever to play kick returner or punt returner despite the fact that they never played that position in college or NFL (Greg Lewis for example) right before season opener… Moving the offensive line coach to the defensive coordinator, is that even allowed? Awarding Vick the starting reigns every year without competition to help push himself… Didn’t bring back McNabb this year as insurance for a subpar-constantly injured Vick… Sticking with underperforming draft picks WAY too long -McDougle for example… Parting ways with players that were leaders and still had tread left on the tires like Brian Dawkins, Hugh Douglas, Trotter, etc. and not finding adequate replacements… signing players like Nnamdi to play in a new scheme and then wondering why they don’t have an immediate impact… (Meanwhile, I watch Asante pick off Drew Brees yesterday and play a great game) 

He just cannot stand to play and do everything sensibly… He does so many things right, but then does a couple of “cutesy” things like any of the examples above and it costs the Eagles in the end. Reid has had 14+ years to work with this team to get to the super bowl, ever since 2005 Reid has been steadily declining.

Andy Reids coaching career will be much like the Clinton administration; So many great things accomplished and one of my favorite presidents, but it will be remembered for only one thing! Reid did so much to bring this team back from its lowest point ever and gave the fan base so much to cheer for and so many great memories, Reid just seems like he is so focused on making his own mark on the game and creating his own legacy (doing something that changed the way the game was played like Walsh with the West Coast offense or Ryan with his 46 defense) that he sabotaged himself! Why couldn’t you just do things the way they’re supposed to be done?