After another disappointing loss, the Eagles dropped to a record of 3-4 while head coach Andy Reid lost his very first game after the bye week. Reid now stands at 13-1 all time in games immediately after the bye with the loss coming from the undefeated Atlanta Falcons (7-0) led by quarterback Matt Ryan. The Eagles are running out of room for error and need to get things turned around quickly before they are eliminated from the playoffs. The Falcons are very vulnerable to the run and lack the big men up front to clog the gaps at the line to defend the run.

So far this season, here is how the Falcons compare with the rest of the league in rush D:

  • 143.7 rushing yards per game allowed (5th worst in the NFL).
  • 5.2 yards per rushing attempt (2nd worst in the NFL).
  • 7 rushing TDs (8th worst in the NFL).
  • 7 rushes of 20+ yards (3rd worst in the NFL).
  • 3 rushes of 40+ yards (Worst in the NFL).

 Now it becomes obvious just how bad the Atlanta defense is at stopping the run. This should have been implemented in the game plan; after all the Eagles had the bye week to prepare. The Eagles have not lost a game this year when Lesean McCoy gets the ball at least 20 times, every other time the Eagles allow McCoy less than 20 touches they have lost.  McCoy was averaging 2.8 yards per a carry on the Falcons, how is that possible? The offensive line has been decimated with injuries causing un-tested players to step in which is obviously not working.  The Eagles need to try to get the offensive line working together as they face the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. Luckily for them the Saints have the worst defense in the league, hopefully this will give the Eagles the opportunity to turn their season around.