The Philadelphia Eagles have been going through a lot of change over the bye week and after the firing of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. Many considered the firing of Juan to be a scapegoat move by head coach Andy Reid considering the defense was one of the better ranked units of the team. There has been much debate between which part of the offense is more responsible for being ranked almost dead last in points scored. Most of the blame is being thrown towards Mike Vick as he is the teams quarterback and has the most responsibility on the field with the offense. Some blame is going towards the offensive line while the rest is going to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg who has a habit of running a very predicable offense.  Who should take the most of the blame for all the different failures of this team?

                After a very poor outing against the Detroit Lions one of the offensive guards Danny Watkins completely shut out reporters and refused to talk to them. Watkins was most definitely upset with his performance and felt like the best thing for him to do was not say anything because of how angry he was with himself. It’s not easy trying to protect a quarterback when you’re on your third string tackle and a backup center which are two of the most important positions on the offensive line.  This line has allowed 17 sacks in only 6 games and Michael Vick is not the most durable quarterback in the league. If the line can’t protect Vick then how is he able to perform at a high level when he is getting knocked down on the ground almost every other play? The offensive line should take some of the blame but they hardly are the only one that is causing this offense to under perform.

                Marty, the offensive coordinator is making the lives of both Vick and the offensive line miserable by his horrible choice in play calling. The offensive line is put together with journeymen and backups and is not capable of consistently protecting the quarterback. This is known by virtually everyone except for Marty that Vick is not getting enough time to get the ball down the field to make a play. The line can’t protect Vick for more than 3-4 seconds yet Marty is calling plays that are designed to take longer to develop, in the 5-7 second range. The line simply can’t protect Vick for such a long period of time and over and over Marty continues to call these long developing plays getting Vick knocked down over and over.

                This brings me to the main problem of the offense. The one man who hired everyone and drafted all the players that are in their respective positions today is the head coach Andy Reid. He is the one who is ultimately responsible for the product that he puts on the field. The last few years the Eagles have slowly started to get worse and worse on offense as they have previously been ranked one of the better offenses year in and year out.  Andy Reid is running out of excuses as he has already fired his defensive coordinator, if the team gets anymore off track then by the end of the season the Philadelphia Eagles will be looking for a new head coach.