Mike Vick has a $100 million dollar contract, he also has a huge problem holding on to the ball. This has been a very big problem for the Eagles and something needs to be done in order to correct this mistake. If Andy Reid was smart and see that Vick is only hurting this team with all of the turnovers he would gladly put rookie Nick Foles in the game. Vick has turned the ball over almost 2 times per a game the last 20 games, that is absolutely unacceptable and no team can win any games when turning the ball over at this rate. Vick is not going to change, he is a 32 year old QB playing like a rookie and making rookie mistakes  Is Foles going to save the season? probably not but I much rather see what the Eagles have in Nick Foles than see the same fumbling and bumbling QB turning the ball over week after week. A change is needed for the team and a change needs to happen now.