On Tuesday morning, Head Coach Andy Reid announced that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would be relieved of his duties. This comes as a surprise because the defense is one of the better performing units on the team as a whole. The defense ranks in the middle of the pack overall while the offense is ranked 31st out of 32 teams in points scored, the special teams unit is almost dead last. The fans are getting tired of Reid using other coordinators as scapegoats to help save his own and the patience is running thin. Some of the fans think that Reid is a players coach and will protect his own players over a coach any day of the week. After the game a defensive player  NNamdi Asumoguha, was interviewed after the game and some of the comments he made starting stirring the pot. Nnamdi was questioning the play call of the defensive coordinator and was wondering why he changed the plays when the old ones were working very well. Maybe Andy Reid has finally realized hes on the hot seat, now he is trying to do all that he can to save his own job.