Michael Vick has been a huge liability to the Philadelphia Eagles offense this year. He is turning the ball over at an extremely high rate and is on the brink of being benched for the rookie Nick Foles. Three more fumbles by Michael Vick, and a fourth that was overturned on review because Vick was lucky that the defender hit his leg, meaning that the ground could not cause the fumble.

 Vick had a terrible outing against the Steelers and was bombarded with questions after the game in the locker room regarding his lack of ball control. Vick couldn’t explain what was wrong today in a game where he fumbled three times and lost two

one thing that needs to be done quickly is the discipline in holding onto the ball. there is no excuse for being careless with the football inside the 5 yard line and losing it. This team needs to get its act together and focus on the little things or they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot.