I began to look into other blogs with the same premise as the one I am trying to write about. I like the Philadelphia Eagles enough to start writing a blog about them so I figured that I should do it right. I recently went snooping around the internet and found a lot of blogs related to mine to see what kind of direction I would like to head in.

One of the blogs that I frequent a bit and find to be the most appealing is the bloggingthebeast.com site. now this site is not solely about the Eagles but more about the division that they play in. this blog likes to compare and contrast the different teams within the same division. Jimmy Kempski is currently the main writer for this blog as well as numerous other blogs that he writes for, mostly related to football. Kempski likes to focus on the overall divison rather than on the same team which I like because he has a different perspective on other teams and is not drinking the homer kool aid.

A blog that I like to go to but is much more focused on one team is www.bleedinggreennation.com. there are multiple writers for this blog like JasonB,  EliotShorrParks, and  JordanRaanan which helps gain different views on one topic. In this blog the writes like to break down every game and each takes a different outlook. A long with daily posts the writers also write for local news papers or other online websites. They like to link their work from the news outlets onto their blog which gives it more of a formal feeling to the reader. This blog is more frequented by commentors and the writers usually will chime in to which i think gives it a more personal feel to the overall site.

I really like this next blog because it’s much more professionally done than the rest. www.phillymag.com/eagles is written by Sheil Kapadia and Tim McManus who both write for local newspapers. The site has a more professional feel to it with a lot less advertisements than the other websites. The text is very nice on the eyes which allows readers to read more chunks of information faster. the main thing i like about this site is that it is an umbrella site connected to phillymag.com which is a full time local news source.

www.igglesblog.com/ takes a unique approach and likes to break down game film and show exactly what happened on each play. the style of the blog is different from the rest and seems to me like it uses a different platform. Tommy Lawlor is the main writer and he is also an amateur scout who goes all around the country and watches other players and grades them. this blog takes a more mathematical approach and uses graphs and charts to help explain things. this helps with reading lots of dense paragraphs that are filled with numbers, sometimes that can make your head spin.

www.birdsfan.com doesnt look like your average blog website. entries are written by people like Brennen Dickerson and Mike Burke who make it interesting  I like the setup that they have here with it having more of a news site feel to it. each post has a picture to accompany the entry which gives a little sneak peak about what the text is about. Then there is a small portion of the text that you can read but you must click on each article to view it in its entirety. there are some trade offs when you make it look more like a news site with not being able to just scroll down and read articles. its only a minor thing but some people prefer it different ways. the writers on this site dont have the deep credentials that a lot of the others do but this definitely is not their first rodeo.

overall i got to see that there are a lot of different ways that you can approach writing a blog and that each one is very different, it will probably be best if i can use a different element in each of the blogs and apply it to my own.