The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins have been divisional rivals since 1934. The rivalry has historically been quiet close, with just nine games separating the sides after 156 clashes. The Eagles have had the upper hand in the last ten years and have won the last three games between the sides. The most memorable match between the Eagles and Redskins was in 1990 in a game that has been the dubbed the ‘body bag’ game. Eagles coach Buddy Ryan said before the game that the Redskins would have to be carted off in body bags. This turned out to be prophetic as nine Redskins players were knocked out of the game. Two teams featuring oft-compared mobile quarterbacks, but Philadelphia’s Michael Vick isn’t expected to play after suffering a concussion last week. That would give Nick Foles his first NFL start, facing fellow rookie Robert Griffin III. Foles made his NFL debut in relief last week and passed for 219 yards and a touchdown. He also had an interception returned for TD and lost fumble in end zone. The  Eagles have lost five straight, longest skid since Ray Rhodes dropped his last three as coach in 1998 and successor Andy Reid his first four in 1999. The Eagles rank eighth in offensive yardage, but 29th in points. Defense amazingly is 12th in yards allowed, but the whole team is 22nd in points allowed. Philadelphia is dead last in NFC with 21 giveaways and a minus-11 turnover differential, you cannot win any game with that many turnovers. Unfortunately the Eagles are also last in the NFC in  red zone scoring (scoring within 20 yards of the goal-line), with just 12 touchdowns in 30 possessions. They’ve turned the ball over an unremarkable league-leading five times in goal-to-go situations. Philadelphia is the only team in the NFL not to allow a 100-yard rusher this season, in other words every running back the Eagles have faced has gained over 100 yards on the ground. Eagles have won 10 of last 13 games played at FedEx Field and hope to continue the trend in the upcoming game. 

Last 10 Meetings

  • 01/01/2012 Philadelphia Eagles: 34 – Washington Redskins: 10
  • 10/16/2011 Philadelphia Eagles: 20 – Washington Redskins: 13
  • 11/15/2010 Philadelphia Eagles: 59 – Washington Redskins: 28
  • 10/03/2010 Washington Redskins: 17 – Philadelphia Eagles: 12
  • 11/29/2009 Philadelphia Eagles: 27 – Washington Redskins: 24
  • 10/26/2009 Philadelphia Eagles: 27 – Washington Redskins: 17
  • 12/21/2008 Washington Redskins: 10 – Philadelphia Eagles: 3
  • 10/05/2008 Washington Redskins: 23 – Philadelphia Eagles: 17
  • 11/11/2007 Philadelphia Eagles: 33 – Washington Redskins: 25
  • 09/17/2007 Washington Redskins: 20 – Philadelphia Eagles: 12



Reid has the talent and ability to coach a team to a Lombardi… But he just can’t/couldn’t get out of his own way… Andy Reid is on the hot seat and here are a few more tidbits on why he should be fired.

All of his “cute” moves that in my opinion, kept us from winning a Super Bowl, may have finally caught up with him.

The Heavy emphasis on the passing attack while going for bargain basement players at the wide receiver position. The “Fastballs” at Linebacker (backups on any other team, undersized LB’s that are more suited for special teams)… , Trading with division rivals and making the division tougher to get through…. playing defensive tackles at the full back position… Plugging in whomever to play kick returner or punt returner despite the fact that they never played that position in college or NFL (Greg Lewis for example) right before season opener… Moving the offensive line coach to the defensive coordinator, is that even allowed? Awarding Vick the starting reigns every year without competition to help push himself… Didn’t bring back McNabb this year as insurance for a subpar-constantly injured Vick… Sticking with underperforming draft picks WAY too long -McDougle for example… Parting ways with players that were leaders and still had tread left on the tires like Brian Dawkins, Hugh Douglas, Trotter, etc. and not finding adequate replacements… signing players like Nnamdi to play in a new scheme and then wondering why they don’t have an immediate impact… (Meanwhile, I watch Asante pick off Drew Brees yesterday and play a great game) 

He just cannot stand to play and do everything sensibly… He does so many things right, but then does a couple of “cutesy” things like any of the examples above and it costs the Eagles in the end. Reid has had 14+ years to work with this team to get to the super bowl, ever since 2005 Reid has been steadily declining.

Andy Reids coaching career will be much like the Clinton administration; So many great things accomplished and one of my favorite presidents, but it will be remembered for only one thing! Reid did so much to bring this team back from its lowest point ever and gave the fan base so much to cheer for and so many great memories, Reid just seems like he is so focused on making his own mark on the game and creating his own legacy (doing something that changed the way the game was played like Walsh with the West Coast offense or Ryan with his 46 defense) that he sabotaged himself! Why couldn’t you just do things the way they’re supposed to be done? 

After another disappointing loss, the Eagles dropped to a record of 3-4 while head coach Andy Reid lost his very first game after the bye week. Reid now stands at 13-1 all time in games immediately after the bye with the loss coming from the undefeated Atlanta Falcons (7-0) led by quarterback Matt Ryan. The Eagles are running out of room for error and need to get things turned around quickly before they are eliminated from the playoffs. The Falcons are very vulnerable to the run and lack the big men up front to clog the gaps at the line to defend the run.

So far this season, here is how the Falcons compare with the rest of the league in rush D:

  • 143.7 rushing yards per game allowed (5th worst in the NFL).
  • 5.2 yards per rushing attempt (2nd worst in the NFL).
  • 7 rushing TDs (8th worst in the NFL).
  • 7 rushes of 20+ yards (3rd worst in the NFL).
  • 3 rushes of 40+ yards (Worst in the NFL).

 Now it becomes obvious just how bad the Atlanta defense is at stopping the run. This should have been implemented in the game plan; after all the Eagles had the bye week to prepare. The Eagles have not lost a game this year when Lesean McCoy gets the ball at least 20 times, every other time the Eagles allow McCoy less than 20 touches they have lost.  McCoy was averaging 2.8 yards per a carry on the Falcons, how is that possible? The offensive line has been decimated with injuries causing un-tested players to step in which is obviously not working.  The Eagles need to try to get the offensive line working together as they face the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. Luckily for them the Saints have the worst defense in the league, hopefully this will give the Eagles the opportunity to turn their season around. 

The Philadelphia Eagles have been going through a lot of change over the bye week and after the firing of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. Many considered the firing of Juan to be a scapegoat move by head coach Andy Reid considering the defense was one of the better ranked units of the team. There has been much debate between which part of the offense is more responsible for being ranked almost dead last in points scored. Most of the blame is being thrown towards Mike Vick as he is the teams quarterback and has the most responsibility on the field with the offense. Some blame is going towards the offensive line while the rest is going to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg who has a habit of running a very predicable offense.  Who should take the most of the blame for all the different failures of this team?

                After a very poor outing against the Detroit Lions one of the offensive guards Danny Watkins completely shut out reporters and refused to talk to them. Watkins was most definitely upset with his performance and felt like the best thing for him to do was not say anything because of how angry he was with himself. It’s not easy trying to protect a quarterback when you’re on your third string tackle and a backup center which are two of the most important positions on the offensive line.  This line has allowed 17 sacks in only 6 games and Michael Vick is not the most durable quarterback in the league. If the line can’t protect Vick then how is he able to perform at a high level when he is getting knocked down on the ground almost every other play? The offensive line should take some of the blame but they hardly are the only one that is causing this offense to under perform.

                Marty, the offensive coordinator is making the lives of both Vick and the offensive line miserable by his horrible choice in play calling. The offensive line is put together with journeymen and backups and is not capable of consistently protecting the quarterback. This is known by virtually everyone except for Marty that Vick is not getting enough time to get the ball down the field to make a play. The line can’t protect Vick for more than 3-4 seconds yet Marty is calling plays that are designed to take longer to develop, in the 5-7 second range. The line simply can’t protect Vick for such a long period of time and over and over Marty continues to call these long developing plays getting Vick knocked down over and over.

                This brings me to the main problem of the offense. The one man who hired everyone and drafted all the players that are in their respective positions today is the head coach Andy Reid. He is the one who is ultimately responsible for the product that he puts on the field. The last few years the Eagles have slowly started to get worse and worse on offense as they have previously been ranked one of the better offenses year in and year out.  Andy Reid is running out of excuses as he has already fired his defensive coordinator, if the team gets anymore off track then by the end of the season the Philadelphia Eagles will be looking for a new head coach. 

Tony Romo has been considered by many to be an excellent quarterback. Jimmy Kempski helps break it down on why he doesn’t even understand how Tony Romo could be considered an overrated Qb when he doesnt even believe he’s a good QB to begin with. A recent poll conducted by sports illustrated shows the most overrated player voted on by 180 current NFL players. According to this poll the players have ranked the two Jets quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, as the top two most overrated players in the NFL. Now coming in 3rd place is quite the surprise as Tony Romo was considered to be one of the better QB’s in the league by many of the so called “expert” analysts. Kempski states that he believe its all of the Cowboy fans that are throwing their arms up in praise about him and the rest of the media who considers them to be “Americas Team” promotes the Cowboys in every way possible. I like how Kempski breaks down a perfect way to describe Romo, he states that “To the casual fan, if you were to play word association with NFL QBs, the word most associated with Romo might be “choker.”  I see Romo through the same lens as a good QB but when the game is on the line he just can’t get the job done. A perfect example would be against the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs when the Cowboys finished the regular season at 13-3 in 2007. The Cowboys had the game within their grasps with the opportunity take the lead. All Romo had to do was hold the ball for the kicker and the kicker would have an easy chip shot that was almost guaranteed to go in. The one and only thing that can go wrong does, Romo gets the snap and botches the ball creating a failed attempt on the kick. The Seahawks end up winning the game and the Cowboys are sent home packing in the first round after such a great regular season. This is only the beginning to the blunders that Tony Romo always seems to find himself in. Eagle fans can be proud about one thing in this list is that Romo is ranked higher than Vick even though Vick comes in at number 4 on the list. In 2010 Vick had one of the greatest statistical games by a QB against the Washington Redskins where he threw for 333 yards and 4 touchdowns with only 8 incomplete passes all game. Too bad for Eagles fans that were shortly lived and now we find ourselves counting down the days till Vick gets the boot. Kempski goes on explaining that he doesn’t even think Romo is good enough to be considered overrated, but with the way Vick has been playing lately I’m sure most if not all of Eagles fans would gladly take Romo over the turnover machine Vick right now. At the end of his article he lists some other players that he feels should also get a mention on the most overrated list and has Dez Bryants name on there multiple times and I completely agree with him. Bryant was taken in the first round of the draft where the best players are taken and he has done absolutely nothing but cause trouble off the field and has done nothing on the field as well. He has had only a handful of good games but has had far more awful games. 

Mike Vick has a $100 million dollar contract, he also has a huge problem holding on to the ball. This has been a very big problem for the Eagles and something needs to be done in order to correct this mistake. If Andy Reid was smart and see that Vick is only hurting this team with all of the turnovers he would gladly put rookie Nick Foles in the game. Vick has turned the ball over almost 2 times per a game the last 20 games, that is absolutely unacceptable and no team can win any games when turning the ball over at this rate. Vick is not going to change, he is a 32 year old QB playing like a rookie and making rookie mistakes  Is Foles going to save the season? probably not but I much rather see what the Eagles have in Nick Foles than see the same fumbling and bumbling QB turning the ball over week after week. A change is needed for the team and a change needs to happen now.

On Tuesday morning, Head Coach Andy Reid announced that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would be relieved of his duties. This comes as a surprise because the defense is one of the better performing units on the team as a whole. The defense ranks in the middle of the pack overall while the offense is ranked 31st out of 32 teams in points scored, the special teams unit is almost dead last. The fans are getting tired of Reid using other coordinators as scapegoats to help save his own and the patience is running thin. Some of the fans think that Reid is a players coach and will protect his own players over a coach any day of the week. After the game a defensive player  NNamdi Asumoguha, was interviewed after the game and some of the comments he made starting stirring the pot. Nnamdi was questioning the play call of the defensive coordinator and was wondering why he changed the plays when the old ones were working very well. Maybe Andy Reid has finally realized hes on the hot seat, now he is trying to do all that he can to save his own job.